As a teenager and young adult, I have always been involved in the performing arts.  For example, I have attended the Kenmore Actor' Workshop, The Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, and The Roxbury Center of the Perfoming Arts.  Even in institutions of higher learning, I have participated in the acting guild and the concert choir on campus.  I have also appeared in a Martin Lawrence and Danny Devito film as an extra in What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen.  I have even worked with local theatre production companies, such as The Fenway Players.

   In the fall of 2000, I became a guest host on the Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) television station.  In 2001, I decided to become a talk show host.  So then, I took the Studio Production course at BNN, and became a certified studio producer.  In that capacity, I function as a producer, director, and talk show host of eight television shows, and they are as follows:  The Cynthia Strong Show, Boston's Next Top Model, The Cynthia Strong Late Night Show, Teen Talk, Soul Sisters (a sitcom), Got Brains (a game show for kids), The Black Female Perspective, and The Black Perspective.

   Continuing to perfect my craft as a talk show host, I have completed the Field Production and Non-Linear Editing course at BNN.  I am now certified to shoot television shows on location, and then air them later on BNN.  My future endeavor is to complete a multi-media course at BNN and to become a syndicated talk show host like Oprah and Montell Williams. 



 Cynthia Strong