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Cynthia Strong
03:52:23 PM
Furthermore, I have a new phone number, and it's 774-222-5613. Thanks
Cynthia Strong
03:49:41 PM
Well, this message is for all of my supporters. Although I have not made it to the top yet, I haven't given up on myself or my dreams. I strongly believe that the sky is the limit and that I can truly do anything I want to do. So in spite of it all, I will persevere knowing that I will eventually succeed. And that's the most important thing. Believing. Hoping. Praying.
everett linton of sir easy potography
11:33:43 AM
Just wanted to let you know that I had a c,hance to visit the site ,I haven't really looked at everything but I just wanted to leave a message to let you know I left a signature in box just to say hello. Maybe we can get together and do some business, thank you.
06:47:01 PM
Hello interested in the modeling, any information, please ad me to mailing list
Cassandra Cheatum-Abernathy
06:21:20 PM
I am so interested in all your achievements and also very proud of you. You have always stood out among us all as we were becoming adults so this isn't a surprise, all your accomplishments. Just keep rising to the top because you are headed to the top. Look out Oprah!!!
Andre Hollywood
04:19:38 PM
I love your tribute to Michael Jackson!
07:36:15 PM
I was wondering if your still doing the modeling business Boston's next top model.If you are,can you please have the date?